Astro Gaming C40 TR PS4 & PC Controller

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800.00 Grams
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Tournament ready – Play Like a pro ready for any environment The TR line of ASTRO Gaming products delivers premium design and performance for every type of Gamer
Integrated remappable rear buttons – rear buttons allow critical functions to be performed without removing your thumbs from the sticks Remapping makes it easy to set up any function for rear-button activation
Removable swappable modules – Quickly and easily swap the analogue Stick or d-pad modules for consistently sharp performance Set up the controller in either offset or parallel configurations
Trigger stops – Quickly and easily activate the trigger stops which adjusts the throw of your triggers to allow Hair-Trigger performance in most fps titles
Wireless audio – The C40 TR controller delivers high-fidelity game sound and voice chat in wired and wireless mode via the 3 5 mm Jack compatible with any gaming headset

On Controller:

2 Analog Stick Modules
2 Standard Height Concave Caps
1 D-Pad Module
1 D-Pad Plus Cover
C40 TR Faceplate

In Travel Case:
C40 TR Tool
2 Standard Height Domed Caps
1 Tall Height Concave Cap
1 Tall Height Domed Cap
USB Wireless Transmitter


2.0m USB Cable